MAME Arcade Cabinet

What technology item does everyone undeniably need? Why a full size arcade cabinet running classic arcade games from the 1980's, of course! This page will help you build a cabinet using easily obtainable items.
Thanks to MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), it turns out making your own arcade machine is not that difficult. The key to the whole endeavor is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator(MAME), a free program that runs on a variety of platforms.
MAME emulates the old processors inside the classic arcade machines, however, it is just an emulator. To actually play a game, you need the ROM image for that game. Fortunately, these are available for free on the Internet.

The components inside the cabinet should be easy to find: an old PC, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and LCD monitor. However, a question that will come up early on is what to do for the controls. Rather than go the keyboard-hacking route, I opted to buy the X-Arcade Tank Stick. This component simply plugs into the computer using the USB ports.

Once you have all the parts, the project just becomes an issue of how to build an enclosure for the PC and Tank Stick.

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