MAME Arcade Cabinet

Below is a (probably incomplete) parts list. You will need some sort of power saw for sawing the board I borrowed a plunge saw from my neighbors and used a sabre saw to cut the peg board sheets that cover the outside of the frame. P. S. Thank you, neighbors for lending me the saw!
Computer Supplies:
MAME emulator from (free)
PC - At least of Pentium IV. (scrounge?)
PC Speakers (scrounge?)
LCD Monitor (scrounge?)
X-Arcade Tankstick for the controls. ($200 + worth every penny)
Maximus Arcade as the front end. ($30 and totally worth it)
Marquee and decal from gameongrafix (~$75)
Lots of ROMs. (free)
Building Supplies
Shelf brackets from Home Depot (x4)
Wood screws + nails (~$10)
Angle brackets ($10)
2x4, 1x4 wood from Home Depot (~$20)
Peg Board for outer case (~$50)
Tons of black spay paint (~$20)
L-Shaped wooden trim from Home Depot ($20)
Black foam-board from Office Depot($7)
Hinges and magnet for one side ($5)
Total Cost: ~$400
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