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The following picture is a screen shot from a Jeopardy-style game I created using the C++ programming language and Microsoft Visual Studio. The game was designed to be run off my laptop and displayed using an overhead projector.

the main screen

The categories and questions are read from a text file, meaning the user can change the questions just by creating a new question file. This was useful in that I could not only reuse the game for different units, but create questions of differing ability for the different ability groups. The game incorporates humorous sound effects from the Simpsons TV show. The sounds are randomized, which helps maintain the novelty of the game.

When using this game in the classroom, I would break the students into teams, and give each team a desk bell. That way it was easier to identify which team had answered first. I also added the ability to penalize wrong answers, to keep teams from guesing blindly. I also added a key to end the game early in case class time ran out.

Beyond its use in the classroom, this game was popular in the afterschool homework-help sessions, for which I frequently volunteered.


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