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Historically Accurate Game Mechanics

Collapse of Rome is designed to let the player experience the broad range of difficulties which the Roman Empire faced from the third century until its final fall. The game simulates the following historically accurate behaviors.
  • Provinces will automatically pay tax and raise legions.
  • Legions will demand donatives (cash bonuses), draining the treaury.
  • Plagues will periodically halt tax collection and the recruiting of legions.
  • Legions which win battles will occaisionally rebel.
  • Legions will disband if there are insufficient funds to pay them.
  • Barbarians and Sassanids will invade from the north and east respectively.
  • Peace along the Rhine/Danube frontier can be secured by paying tribute to the Germanic tribes.
  • Losing control of North Africa will result in food riots in Rome.
  • Losing control of Italy will result in the treasury being looted.

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