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Video Tutorial

The Goal:

Your goal is to maintain control of as many Roman provinces as you can. The game starts in the year 235 AD and lasts 50 turns, with each turn representing one year. You win by controlling at least one province when the game reaches the year 285 AD.

The Provinces:

The map on which the game is played is divided into provinces. If you control a province, it will pay taxes and create legions for you. You can tell if you control a province by looking at its color. Provinces you control are shown in light red. Provinces controlled by barbarians are shown in yellow. Provinces controlled by the Sassanid Persians are shown in purple. Provinces controlled by no one or by Romans who have rebelled are shown in white.

Moving Your Legions:

Each turn you move each legion one province. To move a legion, left-click and drag it to the desired destination. Once you have moved a legion, the computer will show it as grayed-out. If you drag a legion to a province to which it is not adjacent, it figure out how to get there. The number next to the legion icon shows how many legions are in a particular province.

Attacking Your Enemies

To conquer a province controlled by the enemy, you first have to defeat any enemy legions in that provice. To attack enemy legions, drag one of your legions into the province occupied by the enemy. You will know a battle is taking place because you will see an icon of crossed swords in between the two fighting legions. If your legion wins the battle, the number of enemy legions in that province will decrease. If your legion loses the battle, it is destroyed and removed from the board. Your military report will also show you where battles are taking place.

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