Hunt the Wumpus for ZX81

One of the many classic computers I learned to program on was the Sinclair ZX81. My 4th grade teacher had them imported from England and taught us how to program them. While I took the class, the machine was released in the U.S. as the Timex/Sinclair 1000 with 2K of RAM instead of just 1K. Recently I was able to purchase a few off EBay. I had to have them converted to produce a composite video signal instead of RF so they could be conected to a standard monitor instead of a TV via the antenna jack. This was done by Ian at Mutant Caterpillar Games in Wales, UK. Below is a version of "Hunt the Wumpus" I wrote in assembly. The website was instrumental in helping me figure out how to do this. Thanks, Brian!

wumpus.p (.p file for "Eighty-One" emulator)