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Collapse of Rome was designed using the latest research on educational gaming. It is designed to be easy for non-gamers to learn, yet challenging for students who may already be accomplished gamers. It is a purpose-built educational game rather than a recreational product repurposed for educational use. Integral to the game are concise history lessons which activate when the game turn corresponds to an important year in Roman history. These history lessons have audio narration so that below grade level readers or students with disabilities which impair their reading will still learn the material. Gifted and talented students can use the map editor to create historical or counterfactual scenarios and then play them, or simply play the built in historical scenarios. The game is coupled with an online study guide as well as an online quiz which can be used as a pre-test and post-test. A set of debriefing questions is provided in the download area to help the teacher facilitate a discussion tying the experience of game play to actual Roman history.

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Feature List
  • Simple user interface
  • Short play cycle (~30 minutes)
  • Hints for how to play are periodically displayed
  • Adjustable skill level
  • Ability to save and load games
  • Informational popups with supporting audio
  • Historical events scripted into gameplay
  • Ability to play historical scenarios
  • Map editor for creating custom scenarios
  • On-line and built-in help
  • On-line study guide
  • On-line pre-test/post-test to assess knowledge gain
  • Debriefing questions for the teacher
  • Windows installer for easy installation/removal

All material copyright Evan Wright, 2011.